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Nupes.com is an online social network, originating in 1999, created and managed by active members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Nupes and friends hold no official affiliation with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

History of Nupes.com

Excerpt from nupes.com June 1999 Nupes.com was founded by two undergraduate brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, hoping to deliver a website worthy of their fraternity to the entire world. This project began April of 1999 and has thus sparked the growth of the website. With the assistance of Brother Paras Griffin the seed was planted for further development with the nupes.com website. In the websites beginning it began as a project for Brother Robert Howard's E-Commerce Class at the University of Texas at Arlington. The website was hosted on a free account provided by the employer of Brother Howard at FlashNet Communications in Ft. Worth Texas, a leading ISP in the market arena (NASDAQ: FLAS). The site with its tremendous growth sparked attention among the Network Engineers at the FlashNet facility. Traffic came from all parts of the world and was just enough for the technicians at the FlashNet facility to take actions to have the site removed from their server. In late December the Nupes.com website came to its feet. It was deleted and a campaign was started to get donations for the site. A series of mass mailers offering incentives to the donors was its only chance of survival. Although the site only received one donation from Brother Myles Caggins, it was able to survive. Then when the staff of nupes.com thought things wouldn't get any better, Brother Robert Howard received a call from two current members of the website that had ties into several web hosting companies in the US. Brother Thomas Cunnigham notified a brother that stayed in the same local as Brother Howard of the situation. From that conversation a Brother by the name of Brandon Moore offered services from his parent company of Interland.net which host his current company N2something.net. From that meeting a partnership was made between the two. At current the development of the nupes.com website cost us nothing but long hours of tedious programming and implementation, done by Brother Robert Howard at the present time. We will strive to accomplish our goal of making NUPES.COM the #1 African American Fraternity Website.